1974 Tornado

I don’t remember ever in my life being as scared as I was that day in 70’s when a tornado hit Windsor. It was at night and normally we would have been headed to bed. My brother has said that we were sent home from school early that day because of the weather but I don’t remember that.

I knew there was a problem when my mom said that we all had to go to the basement. She was too calm. We took the little transistor radio and had the news on as we sat on cold concrete. I took a flashlight and a book and wound up snuggling under a blanket with my mom. My mom recited a prayer for everyone we knew in Windsor. She was more calm than I’d ever seen her. I don’t know how long we were down there but it felt like hours.  I fell asleep and woke up when my Dad, who was on the late shift, carried me up to bed. The next day we found out that the Curling Club had been destroyed and that several people had died.

Joanne – 56 – Windsor

Picture from Windsor Library. Click here to see original source.

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