70 Years of Queen Elizabeth

February 6, 2022 marks 70 years since King George the VI died and Princess Elizabeth become Queen Elizabeth II. The Queen was 25 years old and visiting Nyeri, Kenya with her husband when she received the news. It would not be until June 2, 1953 that her coronation would take place. Over the years, she and Prince Phillip visited the Windsor/Essex area several times. Were you a witness to a Royal Visit?

My husband remembers his mother and aunt lining up on Dougall in 1984 to see the Royal car drive by on it’s way from the airport to Downtown Windsor. His mother, whose family was one of the many that had had immigrated from England looking for work in the auto industry, had been in the Canadian stands at the Coronation. She had deep ties to her English roots and a glimpse was all she needed but she followed the Royal tour with intensity. She was horrified at the route the celebrated couple would take thinking that it strayed away from the best parts of Windsor and was incensed that the then mayor, Elizabeth Kishkon, did not curtsey when meeting the Queen. Sadly, she died in 2002 but I will be sharing some of the memories she shared with me and we’d love to hear yours.

Send your memories to acowindsoressex@gmail.com . Please include your age or the era you’re remembering to give readers some perspective. We appreciate the enthusiasm you’ve shown for this project and love reading your memories.

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