Bill 23 Impact Series 3 – Windsor City Council Heritage Committee Meeting.

On August 1, 2023, the City of Windsor’s Development and Heritage Standing Committee met and discussed a proposed strategy to mitigate the potential loss of 884 listed properties. On January 1, 2023 under Bill 23, any properties that have appeared on the heritage list for more than 2 years will be  removed and not be eligible to return for 5 years. In order to designate, the property must be listed. Highlighted at the meeting was the perceived best strategy to protect as many properties as possible with the limited staff. That this bill was enacted in November and we are now in the 8th month of 2023 with 18 months left to the deadline speaks volumes. The wheels of municipalities move slowly because they are short staffed with a lot of work to do.

To read the proposed strategy, click here. The plan on page 303 (the aforementioned work load is clear if you read the whole document).

One of the strategies the City intends to employ (and is popular around the province) is heritage districting. The problem with this strategy is that it is a long process which involves consultants and extensive research.  Specifically, one of the areas that is proposed for protection is Walkerville. This area has been proposed for heritage districting many times over the years and has failed time and again for a variety of reasons. Heritage Planner, Kristina Tang, highlighted for the members of the Committee that owners are able to appeal the designation and distracting.  Even now, there’s an idea that designation and districting is about control for the City and that even the smallest change is met with strong opposition. Anyone that watches these committee meetings (or those of most municipalities) knows that this could not be further from the truth. We encourage any owners worried about the impact of distracting on their property to call and speak with Ms. Tang.

Our Chair, Tammy Dewhirst, spoke with Nav Nanwa of CBC’s Wiindsor Morning about the meeting and heritage in Windsor.  Click here to hear that interview or click here to read the article.

Pictured is Windsor Arena which is listed but not designated.

Reach out to us at if you’re also concerned about the impending deadline posed by Bill 23.


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