Bob Seger

I saw the Town Criers at Windsor Arena in the 60s. Bob Seger was their lead vocalist. This was the heyday of Detroit rock coming to Windsor. It was early in Seger’s trajectory and the Town Criers did a lot of covers so you could see the music they loved doing and where they were headed if they continued.

I remember they sang “Louie Louie” that night. Windsor wasn’t Haight Ashbury in the 60s but there was a counter culture and a lot of us there that night were grooving. I later heard that people walked out but I didn’t see them. A lot of people don’t know now how controversial that song was. It was banned a lot of places. The establishment had deemed it a really dirty song and an anthem of youthful rebellion. We loved it. My friends and I smoked some weed and just mellowed out to the music.

I have been and always will be a Seger fan. He grew into a true original.


Anonymous – 74 – Windsor

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