Boblo Island

Picture from the Windsor Public Library Collection

I absolutely loved going to Boblo Island with my family in the 80s and early 90s. Some of my friends looked down on Boblo favouring Cedar Point but I liked the shorter lines and more relaxed feel of Boblo. My favorite ride was the Sky Streak which I would ride and get back in line and ride again. The family rule was that we didn’t buy food while at Boblo because it was amusement park expensive but sometimes Dad or Grandpa would treat us to a corn dog or slice of pizza from the Pizza Palace and with an iced cold pop, it was the best treat for a hot day.

I always dreamed of working at Boblo Island but by the time I was old enough, the amusement park was closed. I have really missed, for my own children, that wonderful local getaway. It was a sad day when Boblo closed.

Mary Ann – Amherstburg

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