Camp Bryerswood.

I loved being a Girl Guide. The sense of community and teamwork that were fostered by the Guide Leaders. We would be taught skills and exposed to interests that the adults in our life didn’t necessarily have like bird watching, sewing and camping. My mother would have never put up a tent or lit a fire and my favourite events always involved camping and Camp Bryerswood was one of the best places. On Texas Road, there were always ghost stories at night accompanied by a campfire and smores at Camp Bryerswood. The volunteer mothers and older Guides were so supportive and nice and with some of the harder badges like the aquatic and embroidery badges, were so encouraging.  I hand-sewed an entire outfit for a costume contest and it wasn’t the best things you’ve ever seen but I’ve never been prouder of anything in my life.

I’m glad that the campground is going to continue as a Youth Camp. If I ever have kids, I’d like to think that they’d have the chance to have experiences like I did.


Emma – 20 – Amherstburg

Picture is of Camp Bryerswood from Essex Free Press to see original source click here.

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