Church Christmas Bazaars

Picture of St. Joseph’s Church in River Canard from the Windsor Star.

One of my favourite family Christmas traditions is attending local Church Christmas Bazaars. The congregations lay out tables in the basement of the church loaded with crafts, baked goods and yard sale items. We’d watch for the notices and then make sure to get there early enough in the day to snag a pie or some cinnamon rolls to have with dinner. There were always loads of books and I’d comb through them to pick up something to read during Christmas vacation. I haven’t been to one in years but when everything is safe, I’d love to relive that memory. Mom always said that the Catholic churches have the best bazaars and I’d love to see if the woman who always raffled one of her paintings of St. Joseph’s Church in River Canard is still at it.

Catherine – Amherstburg

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