Drive-In Theatre

Who remembers the Drive In Theatre that was where Silver City is now? Movies back then were a social event. You’d drive in and go car to car just to chat with anyone you might know. There would be families with kids in the bed of the truck or sitting on the hood and eating popcorn. A lot of times it was too hot to stay in the car to watch the movie. I measure my childhood with the attention I gave “Big Jake” starring John Wayne versus the lack of attention that I gave “Rooster Cogburn” a few years later with a girl in the front seat. Anyone that can distract me from the Duke deserves my time and she can does 50 years later.

Joe – 67 – Windsor


The Drive In on the Site of Silver City was called Twin East. The Skyway was also located in Windsor and was the picture that I could locate. Click here to see original source.

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