Easter Dresses

Back when I was small everyone got dressed up for Easter. Most people went to Church but, if you didn’t, you’d still get dressed up to attend the varied Easter Egg Hunts around the City. We’d make the trip downtown a few weeks before to find the perfect dress. It was always pastel and lace and the skirt was always one that if you spun fast enough would show your underpants which was absolutely horrifying to my mother. Early on, the outfit would include a hat but as we got older and our hairstyles grew, there was no messing up the hairdo with a covering.

On the day, we would go to the early mass at Our Lady of Assumption and then we’d walk with Grandma to her house on Indian Road for an early Easter lunch. Traditionally we’d have ham and she’d make a dish of her special Gołąbki (cabbage rolls) which she’d send home with us as they were my Dad’s favourite. Mom would warm them up the next day for dinner.

Easter has always been a special holiday for my family and I miss them very much.


Magda – 65 – Windsor

Picture is from Pintrest

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