Festivals down at the Waterfront

Every summer when school ended, I would beg my parents to take me to the carnival set up at the Windsor Waterfront. We’d always go on a hot summer evening after my father got off work and we’d walk around the rides. On a good years, Dad would buy a ride pass so that we could ride as much as we wanted but in the more cost conscious times, we’d buy ride tickets and carefully choose the rides that we’d most been looking forward to riding. To top off the experience, we’d have a late food truck dinner. Mom always insisted that we get food after because she thought that eating before would be a waste. We’d get our food and find a bench and watch the lights of Detroit. There were times, there would be a festival at Hart Plaza and we could hear the music from across the water and see the light shows.

In the COVID years, I was finally old enough to go on my own but the festivals hadn’t returned to downtown. I’m really looking forward to when the festivals are back and my boyfriend and I can continue the tradition.


Georgina – 19 – Windsor

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