General Amherst Cadet Parade

I loved being a cadet at General Amherst but I hated the Cadet Parade. Toward the end of the school year when the weather was really starting to heat up, we’d don our wool uniforms and march through the streets of Amherstburg. I remember some guys nearly fainting. Inspection was also brutal and Mr. Gibb wasn’t one to let anything slide but when the time for awards came, he was all smiles. I realize now that as strict as some of the inspectors and instructors were, it was in aid of making of better humans.  The payoff after the Cadet Parade was the Cadet Prom, a great event where boys and girls would all get dressed up and dance in the gym. A Queen of Prom would be appointed with a court and the whole affair was very formal. My Cadet Prom is one of the fondest memories of my time at General Amherst.

I’m not sure if they still have the Cadets at General Amherst but I’m sure they’re not able to handle the guns and have target practice time as we did. I was never comfortable with the guns but the precision training has helped me in my professional life.

Bill – 73 – Amherstburg

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