General Amherst Field Trips

Back when I was in high school at General Amherst, a lot of field trips were geared toward seeing how the business world works. One particular trip in high school some of us went to the stock exchanges in Windsor and Detroit while other students were took a tour of what it was like to work at Woolco (for young folks, it was a huge retail chain and was a precursor of stores like Wal Mart in the area). I went to the stock exchange but friends who went to Woolco talked about looking at the business processes.

Seeing the huge bank in Detroit was amazing. I don’t remember what it was called but it was new and it was busy. It was exactly like the sort of bustling workplace one would imagine in a big city. A great experience and inspiring for kids with ambition to move on in life in a wider world than Amherstburg could offer at the time.

Walter – 76 – Windsor


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