Heritage Platform – Currie Soulliere – Candidate for Windsor City Council – Ward 5

This post is the eleventh in a series in which we reached out to municipal candidates to ask their heritage platform. Responses will be posted in the order received.

The eleventh to respond was Currie Soulliere, Candidate for Windsor City Council – Ward 5. The responses are in the candidate’s own words only slightly edited in a way that doesn’t in any way change what they said.

I discovered a love for soccer playing for Hugh Beaton school’s team in the seventh grade, which soon expanded to enrollment in the Windsor Soccer Club. Games were played at the Ford Test Track in Ward 5, and I have a lot of happy memories there. And this was before some notable improvements, before the new trees were planted and the playground installed.

Ford Test Track Park is a place I associate very much with running freely through open space and testing my physical limits. So I would love to see more expansion on the theme of fitness. I have in mind an accessible outdoor gym for older children and adults. I think it would be most cost efficient to start with lower-maintenance equipment with no-to-few moving parts, to support bodyweight exercises, like pull-up and sit-up stations. Including instruction signage would be a must. Then we could build from there as interest increases.

Here’s an example of the sort of equipment I’m imagining:


Pictures provided by Currie Soulliere.

To reach out to Currie Soulliere, email : curriejean@protonmail.com .

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