Heritage Platform – Kennedy Mangera – Candidate for Windsor City Council – Ward 3

This post is the thirty-eighth in a series in which we reached out to municipal candidates to ask their heritage platform. Responses will be posted in the order received.

The thirty-eighth to respond was Kennedy Mangera, Candidate for Windsor City Council – Ward 3. The responses are in the candidate’s own words only slightly edited in a way that doesn’t in any way change what they said.

– I am a strong proponent for repurposing the Barn (Windsor Arena) to achieve both retention of its historical aesthetics and architecture as well as serving the downtown residents and the city.

-Ward 3 hosts a large # of heritage locations and resources and I would like to emphasize that I am blessed and proud to be the custodian of the historical “Reaching Out” wall mural of prominent Windsorites that is located on the corner building at the south-east intersection of Wyandotte St East and McDougall. The mural honors Mary Ann Shad, Bishop C.L. Morton, Justin Jackson, Rev J.T. Wagner, Walter Perry and Alton C. Parker. It also features an Underground Railroad quilt pattern and a Harmony Ribbon.

-As many are aware, the WaterWorld facility was developed as a contribution to the community that recognized the sacrifice of relocation of many residents and relocation of resources along the McDougall corridor to make way for Caesar’s Casino. In the intervening period, WaterWorld no longer serves the neighborhood and instead serves as a homelessness hub (a noble cause in the wrong location). In line with the wishes of the residents, I will be leading the reclamation of the facility as a community resource and recreation centre for residents of the historical neighborhood and beyond.


To reach out to Kennedy Mangera, visit his Website, Facebook Page, or Twitter.

Pictures provided by the Candidate.

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