Heritage Platform – Renaldo Agostino – Candidate for Windsor City Council – Ward 3

This post is the sixth in a series in which we reached out to municipal candidates to ask their heritage platform. Responses will be posted in the order received.

The sixth to respond was Renaldo Agostino, Candidate for Windsor City Council – Ward 3. The responses are in the candidate’s own words only slightly edited in a way that doesn’t in any way change what they said.


I have been a resident here now for 30 years. To me our Downtown / Ward 3 is rich with heritage. I operate a business at 285 Ouellettte Ave the old Imperial Bank Building which is a heritage site! It’s stunning and now over 100 years old. My attitude towards conservation,  preservation, and adaptive reuse is simple…, Our future in Ward 3 will be crafted from our past!  We must not only keep these structures but we must re create that rich history with modern ideas. This is our road to success. Old bones make the best soup.


To reach out to Renaldo Agostino, visit his website. Click here for social media links. Picture from the Windsor Star. Click here to see original source. The Imperial Bank building was built in 1902 and designed by Charles Sherman Cobb.

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