Heritage Platform – Richard St. Denis – Candidate for Windsor City Council – Ward 5

This post is the seventeenth in a series in which we reached out to municipal candidates to ask their heritage platform. Responses will be posted in the order received.

The seventeenth to respond was Richard St. Denis, Candidate for Windsor City Council – Ward 5. The responses are in the candidate’s own words only slightly edited in a way that doesn’t in any way change what they said.

I believe that we must have a healthy respect for our heritage while we see our community continue to grow and develop.

Education and advocacy are important to promote the conservation of significantly historic buildings, as well as districts and our outdoor spaces. Sandwich, Ford City and Walkerville are especially important because they are home to many of the landmarks, buildings and the heritage we strive to protect. These three districts are an important piece of our culture and history so we must be highly aware of any proposals that seek to change them.

As for a favourite memory, I would say the 18 years of volunteer service to the Essex Children’s Waterfest at the Transportation Museum on Arner Townline. There is nothing more satisfying than educating our next generation of activists to promote and protect our heritage.


To reach out to Richard St. Denis, visit him on Facebook.

Picture of Richard St. Denis from Facebook. Click here to see the original source.

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