Holiday Shows at the Fox

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The last few years have been hard on all of us. One of my favorite things about living in Windsor around Christmas is our proximity to Detroit. My friends and I have a Christmas tradition of choosing a holiday show and making a night of it. Drinks before the show and dinner after. We have seen many great shows over the years at several different venues from the Opera House to St. Andrew’s Hall. My favourite venue is the Fox Theatre.

Most recently we’ve taken the tunnel bus. Its hard to know where to park in Detroit but its easy to park the car and take the bus across and a taxi or the People Mover where you’re going. If you’d asked me twenty years ago if I’d be comfortable seeing shows and walking in downtown Detroit with a group of girls, I’d have laughed but, with the reinvigoration of the city, the city is alive and the dark corners recess.

Manheim Steamroller Christmas at the Fox Theatre was a wonderful experience. My friends and I had good seats. There’s not a bad seat in the Fox Theater. The acoustics are excellent and the lively and powerful notes of the group’s signature songs are energizing. The lights bounce off of the classic movie house style of the building and adds to every show. I got lost in the music. People were silent and in awe of the great talent on the stage. When we filed out to leave, tones were hushed and everyone seemed imbued with a Christmas spirit.

Don’t be afraid to take advantage of our proximity when its safe. Christmas in Detroit is not to be missed.

Louise – Windsor

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