John R. Park Homestead

John R. Park Homestead is one of my favourite local landmarks. I’m surprised how many people don’t seem know about it. If you went to school in the area, a lot of times you would have gone on a field trip. Whenever I post on Facebook or Insta about an event, people ask where it the Homestead is. You’ve got to get there to see it, if you haven’t and for sure go for one of their events.

John Park built the house in the 1840s on that property and it is just beautiful. Lake Erie is just huge behind the house and from what I hear, black people escaping slavery in the American south used it as a stop on the Underground Railroad. The house is set up the way people lived then and people dress up in period costumes to give tours that more authentic feel. I’ve been there on really hot days and the volunteers commitment makes me wonder how they don’t pass out from all of those clothes.

My favourite time to go is for the horse shows. When I was a little and my mom would take me for the special days, they would sometimes have horses that you could ride and I loved those days. Any chance we get, me and my boyfriend get out there. The Homestead is on County Road 50. Go see it!


Kristen – 24 – Windsor

Picture from Vist Windsor Essex. Click here to see original source.

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