Life BC (Before COVID).

Did you have a favourite thing to do in Windsor/Essex before COVID? Was there an annual event you look forward to attending again? How has the pandemic changed the way you live your life. Let us know!

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And, per usual, I’ll start.

One of my favourite annual events is the Heritage Village Flea Market. There are booths featuring crafts, home business goods, general yard sale items, and antique/collectibles. The event takes place in the Spring and Fall and the daughter and I, that’s a family day. Usually my husband will come with us but especially for the Spring Sale which takes place around Father’s Day weekend, we’ll give Dad some alone time and head out.

The daughter’s first purchase has always been a beanie baby. Always struck me as odd because I remember as a teenager when my mom sent me to McDonalds to get a diet coke for her when they had the feature beanie babies (were they in the Happy Meals or sold separately?) and waiting for more than a hour in line. I’m always looking for the blue Carnival Glass. My Grandmother had some pieces from her mother and one of my fondest memories is sitting at my Grandma’s kitchen table watching the beams of light shine through them and reflect the shimmery blue on their mid-century white table.

Eventually we’d stop and pick up fries from the concession booth which were hot and salty. We’d each get a soda and share the fries and they were crisp and delicious. We’d always leave with treasures and the memory of laughter and fun outside together.

Looking at the Canadian Transportation Museum’s website, it looks like the event will be back this year and I’m looking forward to going with my now 20 year old daughter. Beanie Babies may be off the table, but if the fries were there, we will be getting them!

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