Life in the summer in the 60’s….

Back in the summer in the 60’s, kids didn’t sleep in. We got out of bed and would have a cooked breakfast at the table before we’d take care of chores. Once you finished the jobs you had as quickly as possible but always to a standard where mom wouldn’t make you do it again, you’d take off on your bike and not have to be home until dinner time where everyone sat at the table. My mom would have been horrified had she known what we were up to when she wasn’t around though I’m sure she suspected when we’d come back covered in mud. I grew up in Riverside and my friends and I had adventures catching frogs in the creek, wrestling, and playing a pickup game of baseball with whoever happened to be around. We’d have bike races. One summer day a friend (he was probably 12 at the time) crashed his bike and broke his leg and one friend carried the bike to his house while two of us helped him limp home so that his mom could take him to the doctor. She shook her head at us and borrowed a neighbour’s car to take him to the doctor. No panic back then. Kids don’t have the freedom then we did to spend in the sun with nature. They’re missing out.

Don – 68 – Windsor

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