Lunar New Year

I love the Lunar New Year Celebration. Red and Gold decorations everywhere and the Reunion Dinner (which is what we call our family gathering). Red has always been my favourite colour and I think it’s because of the beautifully red decorated celebrations of childhood. We have different foods that are lucky and my favourites are the dumplings which bring wealth and the noodles which bring longevity and happiness. My aunt makes the best Yi Mein (noodles) with ginger and chicken. There’s a secret recipe in there that she will never share. I’m a foodie and tried to work it out for years with no result. Some things just cannot be known. We also have our superstitions. Do not wash your hair or clothes if you want good luck in the coming year. Don’t sweep your home lest you “sweep your luck away.” Windsor has a great Chinese community that shares the celebration of the festival. In recent years, there have been more events that remind my parents of home and it’s great to see our community pull together to celebrate joy and luck in the coming year.

Yu – Windsor

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