Lunch Counter at Kresge

Picture from the Windsor Star Archive

Around Christmastime Kresges on Ouellette would have a hot turkey sandwich special. This was back in the time when having a meal away from home was a rare treat and a person could spend all day shopping downtown.  My Mom and Aunts would do their holiday shopping and then we’d all grab a stool at the counter and have the hot turkey special. I don’t remember now if it was lunch or dinner but probably lunch as dinner was always on the table when my Dad came home from working at the plant. The turkey sandwich came with hot turkey, thick bread, mashed potatoes and was all topped with a rich turkey gravy. There may have been vegetables but I don’t remember them but, knowing my mom, you can be sure I ate them. I don’t know what they used in that gravy but the flavour is something that I crave at Christmas and even the best cooks in our family haven’t been able to re-create.

Larry – Windsor

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