March Break 2020

March Break 2020 was really strange. We knew we were going to have extra time off which was awesome. My family went to our cottage and had a lot of fun. I wish we could have stayed there the whole time of Coronavirus because when we came back the whole world had fallen apart.  I really like going to school and seeing my friends so when we found out that school was going to be at home, I was pretty sad. It was hard to get used to going to school on the laptop and it was tough for my Dad to try to do his work at home too with everyone there and not able to leave. Everything was different and it was really hard. My mom still had to go to work and she stayed with people she worked with for awhile so she wouldn’t risk it with us and Grandma came to help out. I could only see my friends who lived where I could yell from our porch to the road.  I really missed my mom. Online school got better and my mom got where she was able to come home. My friends started having birthday parades, which was fun. This March Break we’re going back to the cottage. Hopefully the world doesn’t fall apart while we’re up there again.

Brianna – 12 – Kingsville


Picture from University of Toronto Institute for Studies in Education. Click here to see the original source.

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