Maria’s Restaurant – Amherstburg

Maria’s Restaurant, a local landmark serving the people of Amherstburg since 1942, was demolished on April 7, 2022. It closed early in the pandemic and the land was sold. Rumor is that a new fast food chain restaurant will be built on the site but, to my knowledge, there has been no official word as of yet.

A lot of women have a terrible relationship with their mother-in-law but mine was the best. My husband and I were high school sweethearts and she always seemed excited to see me. She was a little overbearing in helping plan the wedding insisting that we meet every Saturday morning at Maria’s for a planning session. Once we were married, she insisted that we continue meeting at Maria’s to plan gatherings for holidays and birthdays and shopping trips to the States. Once we had children, she would insist that my husband could take the children for an hour so that we could keep this tradition. I don’t remember him ever complaining. I’m sure he knew better.

We continued the tradition when the children were grown and had moved away. I would have loved to grow our group once my sons married but one went to Alberta and the other is in Toronto. My mother-in-law and I continued our bonding Saturday coffee hour until 2009. I’d pick her up at Seasons and we’d go over and chat. Our relationship wasn’t always sunshine. Everyone has difficult times but when I hear women complain about their mother-in-law, I realize how lucky I was with mine.


Annette – 72 – Amherstburg

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