Memories of Summer

Lucy Maud Montgomery Museum – Picture from Discover Muskoka

Air Conditioning is a luxury few could afford for their homes when I was a child. Some people were fortunate and could take trips to the county in the heat of summer. They would take tents, drive a camper or maybe have a small cottage. They could sit by the water and when the waves of heat and humidity were too much, they would jump off the end of a dock.

For those in Windsor whose mother worked or family couldn’t afford the luxury of a get away, we’d spend the days outside craving even the lightest of rains to take the edge off of the heavy air. My favorite activity was sitting next to the back door with my back against the ice box and reading. Our backyard on Curry Avenue was small but my Father kept is immaculately trimmed. I would have my chores but once done, I would gather the books checked out from the library every Saturday and sit for hours reading. Mother worried that I should be out running and playing with the other girls in the neighbourhood. Mother thought that running and playing and summer sun made for strong bones. She didn’t understand the delight of looking over the brilliant green grass and picturing the emerald glory of Lucy Maud Montgomery’s Avonlea.

I do not now remember the heat of those days but I do remember the wonderful books and long summer days.

Catherine – Windsor

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