Municipal Election

The time has come for people seeking municipal office to start campaigning. In many areas, the hopefuls will canvass door to door. Be sure to ask them their plan for/view on local heritage. Know what their outlook is and their connection or plan might be. In many cases, you may get answers that feel canned but ask them for their real perspective. Heritage preservation and adaptive reuse is just good business and a candidate’s outlook on the subject may speak to their overall judgment.

Vote if you’re eligible. It is your civic right and responsibility to be part of the process.

Is there a past civic leader you really admired? Let us know. We’d love to share your memory!

2 thoughts on “Municipal Election”

  1. Frank Di Pasquale

    I support the protection of all our historical and heritage buildings. To move forward as a community we must remember and honour our past. I also support raising historic plaques telling the stories of the ones before us
    Regards Frank Di Pasquale

    1. Thank you, Mr. Di Pasquale, our members who are residents of the Town of Amherstburg will be pleased to know that, as a council candidate, you support heritage. We could not agree more on education via historic plaques. Too often truly wonderful stories of a site are lost to time and they deserve to be remembered.

      Chair – ACO Windsor/Essex

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