New Years Eve

My family came to Canada from Lebanon was I was 15 months old. Growing up in Sandwich, we were pretty poor. Everyone I knew would go to a grandparents house while their parents would go to parties or restaurants to ring in the New Year. The tradition for my family was to walk the short distance to the water and watch for fireworks shows. I will never know who put the shows on. I’m sure some were Canadian and some were American but every New Year’s Eve for a few hours ending shortly after midnight, there would be a somewhat constant lighting of the night sky. My siblings and I would compete to see who could spot the next show first. Some years we wouldn’t stay long due to the cold but we always went. My mom eventually started working at the Casino so would work on New Years Eve but even then my siblings and I kept the tradition. Now that I’m grown and able to afford to attend an event on New Years Eve, I still park after it gets dark for an hour or so to watch for the lights over the water.

Yassim – 34

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