Point Pelee Boardwalk – School Trips

One of my favourite school trips in elementary school was Point Pelee Park. In the younger grades a parent would guide the group but there was a lot of freedom at Point Pelee if you were in Grade 5 or older. The bus would stop¬† at the Boardwalk and the kids would unload and scatter. You’d climb the tower or just disappear on the Boardwalk with your buddies making it back just in time to buy an ice cream and get back on the bus. The black flies are brutal in the fall but the sense of getting lost in nature is something I really like doing to this day.¬† I never seemed to get the group that went to the Point but really didn’t care, the Boardwalk has always been the best place at Point Pelee Park. I really enjoyed those school trips.

Josh – 28 – Kingsville

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