Road Trips

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I am 88 years old. I remember when no one would think of taking a trip from Windsor to Toronto and come back in the same day. My mother’s parents lived in St. Catherines. My Dad and her met in when he was in college and then moved back Windsor which was his home town after they got married. We’d drive to visit them. Back then eating fast food was a luxury and my mom thought it was a waste. She’d pack white bread and ham and usually as a treat there was a special drink. We’d stop at a park and have a ham sandwich and a bottle of Coca Cola and she’d tell us to run and get our “land legs” back before we all loaded back into the car and continued the trip. Now you would go through the drive thru and eat on the road. My father would not have been able to handle anyone having food or an open drink in his car. He cleaned it and conditioned the leather seats every Saturday until I was old enough to do it for him and even then he usually did it again. Life is so fast now. Everything is so close.

Robert – Harrow

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