Roller Skating at Windsor Arena

Who remembers roller skating at Windsor Arena in the summer?

Thinking back to my childhood, roller skating was probably the most 70’s experience I had. Every week of summer vacation, I’d walk over and pay the quarter or fifty cents and head out on the floor. The music was loud and people would dance and groove dodging each other. I remember it almost always being very busy. Sometimes there were little parties set up and there were feature floor times. I’d watch the couples and imagine myself out there doing a dance with David Cassidy or Andy Gibb. There were always people that looked like they’d been skating for years and they were like art. Sadly, I never met David or Andy and by the time I was old enough to date, I knew that roller skating might not be the best dating activity as I looked like Bambi on ice a lot of time that I was out there.

I’d love to see Windsor Arena like it was at one time. It was always so busy and lively. Me and my friends walked there and stayed at the Arena for hours. I miss those days.


Crystal – Windsor – 63

Picture from CBC. Click here to see the original source.

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