Sammy Davis Jr.

Picture from My Jewish DetroitI saw Sammy Davis Jr. walking down Ouellette Ave. in the early 60’s. My Dad was a big fan and never missed seeing Sammy on television so I recognized him right away. His walk was something you couldn’t miss. I was with my buddies. We either just started high school or were about to start. I pointed at him and told my buddies, “That’s Sammy!” Not a one of them believed me. I shouted out, “Sammy!” He looked over at us and smiled and waved. Nowdays you’d just pull the phone out of your pocket and take a picture. I ran straight home and told my Dad. We jumped in the car and drove downtown but never did find him. We wouldn’t have bothered him, that wasn’t my Dad’s way, but he would have liked to have had a real life look. I don’t think we ever did find out what he was doing in Windsor.

Don – 74 – Windsor


Picture from My Jewish Detroit click here to see original article.

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