Snow Days

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I only remember my elementary school, Anderdon, closing once for a snow day. My mom talks about watching the banner along the bottom of the morning news to know if her school was canceled but, in my case, it was AM800. We’d get up to get ready for school and listen to see if buses were canceled. We’d hear a whole list of the colleges, trade schools and businesses that were closed for the day and then it would be time for if buses were running. In our house if both the City and County buses were canceled, mom would let me stay home. She’d say that we knew the roads were really bad if both were off. On the days the County buses weren’t running, I’d go to school and there would be so few students that they’d combine the classes and we’d watch movies and do our own thing. I’d usually read a book or socialize with friends. Sometimes we’d bundle up and go outside and build snowmen and have snowball fights. My mom said that those would be my best days and now that I’m older, looking back, they were a lot of fun.

Amy – 18 – Amherstburg

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