St Peter’s Maronite Church

My sister got married on the hottest day of the year in St. Peter’s Maronite Church. My sister is obsessed with Art Deco so, of course, she had to get married in this beautiful church that did not have A/C at the time. It was July and over 40c when we were waiting to walk up the aisle in our long bridesmaid dresses looking great but sweating like we were at a county fair.

Looking back I don’t remember how hot it was inside the church but how unique and beautiful the sanctuary was. The pictures of the wedding party and guests on the steps outside make me smile. When we left to take pictures, a storm was coming and we saw a mattress blowing down Tecumseh Road in Jackson Park. The skies opened up and when the storm was over it was pretty cold. It was like nature waited for everything to be done. It was a wonderful day at a truly beautiful Windsor landmark.

Cassidy – 48 – Windsor


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