Stars on Ice

When I was little my Grandma took me to see Stars on Ice at the WFCU Centre. There were so many people! Looking back now it seems crazy to have so many people in one place. Watching Tessa Virtue, Joannie Rochette and Jeffrey Buttle skate was amazing. The lights and their skills and how fast they’d spin and the stunts they did made me, a young skater, feel like I could do anything if I dedicated the time and practiced as they had. My first Ice Carnival was just after that show and I felt like a rockstar on the ice. Like I had the professional lights and sounds like the big show at the WFCU. Turns out figure skating is as cool but not as easy as it looked so I wound up focusing on other things a few years later but that show inspired me for a long time after.

Kate – Amherstburg

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