Suicide Hill

Who grew up in Riverside and remembers grabbing your sled after school for a plunge down Suicide Hill? I don’t know how it got that name but it was probably some tough little kid trying to look braver than he was and just caught on. It really doesn’t look like much now but to the elementary school kid I was, it was like jumping out of a plane. I’d pull the sled to the top of the hill and then fly back down. If I slept better in the winter, this was why. The fresh and bitingly cold air and heart pumping adrenaline. We all felt like men daring each other to try this or that to get down the hill and risking life and limb. Most us would wind up covered in sweat with our coats piled up at the base. I certainly have some great winter memories from those days.

Mike – Sarasota, Florida (formerly of Riverside)

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