Summer Camps

When it’s so cold in winter, I think about summer. Summer Camp was my favorite activity as a child. I attended camp at Gesstwood and Lazee G Ranch and it always seemed the weeks I went were the hottest of summer. We’d all look forward to the storm that would come to cool everything off.  The Camp Director at Lazee G would let kids earn extra time on the horses by doing tasks for them like cleaning out their stalls. I earned every minute that I could. Any time other kids spent swimming, I was doing the things that helped me get more time on the horses. The groups were always small so you really got to know the kids your own age. Some I went to high school with and they’re friends to this day.

Gesstwood has great activities and is different because Lazee G is a Day Camp where Gesstwood is overnight. There was a lot of great evening activities and the days were spent outside covered in sweat and active. I loved to swim and do crafts. At Gesstwood we got “bed head” time which meant that we could spend extra time sleeping in the morning which was great especially when you spend so much time outside soaking up the sun. Once the day really starts going, you don’t want to be inside. A lot of kids like the ropes but I found it a bit scary.

I’d love to be little again just for the fun I had at those camps and right now the heat would be really welcome.

Sophia – Windsor

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