The Anderdon – 1

My parents would go to the Anderdon for a date night dinner every Saturday. My Dad worked at the plant all week and then on a Saturday he would put on a suit and tie. My mom would have had her hair done on a Saturday morning and would be wearing her best dress. Usually my Grandmother would come from Windsor and stay the night. They’d have the Smorgasbord and often there was a live band. Bell Bottoms were the style then and you’d see people dressed that way in restaurants but it was rare.

On special occasions like their wedding anniversary and our birthdays, we’d go with them. It was so adult and sophisticated to put on our best dresses and to be able to have anything we wanted for dinner and enjoy the meal. I have never been able to figure out how to make potatoes as good as the ones they had.

People worked at marriage back then. I knew children with divorced parents but it was far less common. I always wanted to have a marriage like my parents had so my husband and I continue the tradition of the Saturday night date dinner. It’s reset time for us.

Tracy – 64 – Amherstburg

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