The Doors of Heritage Podcast

Hough House at Fort Malden. At varied times administration building, asylum and now museum

Are you interested in the history and architecture of Amherstburg, Ontario? The Doors of Heritage Podcast is a fascinating look into local history hosted by Robert Honor (retired Parks Canada employee), Stephanie Pouget (Curator of the Park House), Cindy Hazael-Gietz (former deputy town clerk) and new Amherstburg resident, Sarah Haefling (who also hosts a podcast called Made it Happen). 

With their first episode featuring The Echo Building (currently the home of Caffeine and Company), the panelists set a precedent of looking back and bringing their narrative to the present with the new owners of the old buildings. They look at the events that shaped the downtown as well as what brings people back.

Search the Doors of Heritage anywhere you stream podcasts and for a look at an illustrated podcast they did for Jane’s Walk 2021, click here.


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