Things you thought you’d do more as an adult

What did you think you’d do more as an adult?

I thought I’d be at Cedar Point every weekend. My grandparents owned vacation property on the Lake behind Cedar Point. We had annual passes and weekends that were nice, my Grandpa would drive us up behind the park on his boat and we’d spend the day on the ride. The first time that I rode the Blue Streak was in my Dad’s lap at 6 months old. Can you imagine the park allowing that now? I obviously have no memory of that first visit but for many years we spent summer weekends at the park and I thought I’d share that with my children. My daughter is now 20 and I’ve been to Cedar Point once in her lifetime. She went a few years on her own with her Dad but last time I went I walked from bench to bench with a book and then we were forced from the park by torrential rain with tornado sirens blaring. I won’t tell you how many times as a child my mom tried to outrun a storm. One especially memorable storm was in the 80s and I was a young teenager watching in horror the green sky and funnel cloud in the distance.

What special things did you do with family as a child that you thought you’d share with your children? Maybe you have shared them with your children. Let us know!

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