Waterfront Fireworks

The Waterfront Fireworks to celebrate July 1st and July 4th have always been the ultimate day out for my family. When I was small, Grandma and Grandpa would head down early in the morning and stake out ground at the high part of the hill near the Bridge. They’d be there all day while we were in school and the parents were at work and then we’d all meet at Devonshire Mall and use the bus with Aunts, Uncles and Cousins and head down to the water to meet them. Mom would have stopped at Grandma’s house to get the treats she’d made for us to enjoy on the night and then we’d just wait for dark to come and the light show to begin.

The Waterfront Fireworks night (whether sponsored by Ford, Target or whoever it might have been in the past)has always been one of my favorite nights of the year. Just before the Pandemic, I got married and had my reception on Fireworks Night with a view of the water. I cannot imagine a more perfect and special way to celebrate with everyone you love most.


Cara – 25 – Windsor

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