Willistead Library

Who remembers the library in Willistead Manor? The first time I remember visiting the library was with my mother. Once I was a little older, she would let me walk from our home on Devonshire alone. This was when it was normal for a 6 or 7 year old to walk a few blocks on their own and no one worried about them. Mother didn’t allow us to check out books because she firmly believed that one should never be a borrower, even with books, because you never knew what could happen to them at home so I spent hours reading the Bobbsey Twins or Nancy Drew. Sometimes the librarian would allow me to sit outside and read and, to this day, nothing pleases me more than a book and cold drink in the shade of the yard. Mother worried that I didn’t spend time outside playing with other girls but Nan, Bert, Flossie and Freddie* were the children that I most loved spending time with. I was not the type to play sports in the street or push dolls in strollers.

The beauty of Walkerville and it’s buildings has always intrigued me and I am incredibly lucky to have grown up there.

Catherine – 72 – Windsor

* Bobbsey Twin Characters

Picture from the Windsor Public Library. Click here to see original source.


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  1. Colette Beliveau

    Are there any interior photos available for purchase of the Willestead Library from the 60’s? My sister & I have such fond childhood memories from spending so much time there as children!

    1. we certainly have heard from a lot of folks with fond memories of the Willistead Library. I found the picture that is attached to this post in the Windsor Public Library archives. I’m sure the Local History Branch of the WPL has more pictures. They are currently located in Sandwich in the Brock Public School and can be contacted electronically at localhistory@windsorpubliclibrary.com and are always happy to do a search.

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