Willistead Park

Gates of Willistead Park in Winter. Picture from SWODA.

I grew up on Monmouth Road in Windsor back in the 70s when we’d spend all day outside and come back when the street lights came on. My mom wasn’t a woman to allow us to stay inside in winter. She had the idea that fresh air keeps a child healthy even if the fresh air is cold and the ground is wet. I remember more than one winter bundling up every day in snowpants, gloves and boots and heading over to Willistead Park to build snowmen and to have a snowball fight with a friend or my brother and sister. We’d come back to the house happy and frozen after what felt like hours in the park ready for a cup of hot chocolate and a lecture about not walking on the clean floors in our boots. Walkerville was a great area to grow up.

Chrissy – Windsor

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