Windsor Jane’s Walk 2022 has begun!

It’s Jane’s Walk time again! For this time around, I sat down with with Jamie Greer, a local musician and journalist and author of the upcoming book “Killers, Butchers, Cry-Babys & Canadian Destroyers: The History of Pro Wrestling in Windsor, Ontario.” Jamie and I had a great discussion about the history of wrestling in Windsor with a specific focus on the importance of Windsor Arena on the sport. It was truly a lot of fun and I hope you all enjoy. The video premieres at noon tomorrow and runs all weekend! To watch go to or our Youtube page
Be sure to check out the online walk from The Doors of Heritage titled “Amherstburg Historic Mile.” It also premieres tomorrow at noon and runs all weekend.
Our friends at Duff Baby are hosting a Live Walk titled “A Stroll Through Sandwich Town” and that walk takes place Saturday, May 7, 2022 at 10am. The walk starts at Duff Baby House and ends at St. John’s Church Yard.
Saturday at 2pm there’s a live walk in Amherstburg hosted by Meg Reiner (curator of the Marsh Collection) and it’s titled “The People of Amherstburg’s Past.” Meeting point is the Parking Lot at 80 Richmond Street (Heritage Square).
Finally, Robert Honor is hosting a walk titled “Rankin Avenue: Victorian Street” on Sunday in Downtown Amherstburg. The tour meets at 2pm at Navy Yard Park where Dalhousie meets Rankin.
Check out all of the great walks at!

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