Heritage Platform – Matt Marchand – Candidate for Windsor City Council – Ward 4

This post is the eighteenth in a series in which we reached out to municipal candidates to ask their heritage platform. Responses will be posted in the order received.

The eighteenth to respond was Matt Marchand, Candidate for Windsor City Council – Ward 4. The responses are in the candidate’s own words only slightly edited in a way that doesn’t in any way change what they said.

I’ve lived in Walkerville for the past 25 years and have had the opportunity to appreciate Albert Kahn’s designs in the neighbourhood. A key part of my platform for Ward 4 is to continue the cultural renaissance of Walkerville and all of Ward 4, building on the work of previous councillors. This includes preservation of historic buildings and encouraging adaptive reuse where appropriate.

I was part of the Mayor’s Office that saw the removal of the train tracks and tearing down of the Peabody Bridge to reopen Walkerville and begin that renaissance. That was a proud moment for me in Mayor Hurst’s office, and I subsequently moved to the area shortly after that to appreciate the historic nature of the neighbourhood. My favourite building in the area is the Walkerville Post Office building.

The City of Windsor’s Cultural Master Plan needs to be updated and should be done in this next term of council. I look forward to revisiting this if elected.

To reach out to Matt Marchand, visit his Website, Facebook, and Twitter.

Picture was provided by the candidate.

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