Ice Cold Coke

When I was a kid it was a special treat. We’d go to fill up the car with Dad. My Dad was pretty loyal to Supertest on Tecumseh. The service attendant would come out and check the oil and clean the windows while he pumped gas and there was a big barrel of bottles of Coke that my brother and I would eye up. They were ice cold and dripping wet. On the rare occasion, my dad would spend the dime to get one for my brother and me to share. There was always the wink and “Don’t tell Mom.” We’d mean to savour it but if we were in a competition to get the most. There were times my brother would drain the bottle before I had a chance to even have a taste.

I haven’t had a Coca Cola in years. It doesn’t taste the same now that it’s not in glass bottles perfectly chilled in ice.


Marty – 68 – Windsor

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